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In short, walnut oil is an oil suitable for all ages and suitable for all people.

 In daily life, the elderly can be mixed with cold dishes or added to the soup. For infants and young children, linolenic acid can be converted into DHA, and DHA is a golden nutrient molecule in the human brain. It has the function of brain and brain, effectively promoting and perfecting the development of the baby's brain, retina and other nervous systems, and linolenic acid and linolenic acid. The acid content is close to that of breast milk, which is most beneficial to the baby's absorption. It is the baby's professional auxiliary cooking oil. Mothers can add food to the baby when they make egg yolk, noodles, rice porridge, rice noodles and other complementary foods. It is very convenient and tastes sweet, which is easy to stimulate the baby's appetite. Pregnant women can also promote the growth and development of the baby by using walnut oil. At the same time, walnut oil can balance the metabolism of nutrients in the body and enhance the immunity of pregnant women.

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Walnut oil restores the natural nutrient essence of walnut, which has a restraining effect on coronary heart disease and cardio-cerebral vascular disease which are susceptible to middle-aged and elderly people, can clear blood vessels, effectively lower blood pressure and stabilize the heart.

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