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  Loss of linolenic acid causes arterial stenosis, increases liver burden, and causes linolenic acid deficiency, which causes a variety of degenerative diseases. According to the World Health Organization, the normal ratio of linoleic acid to linolenic acid is 4:1. In the global health statistics, the most lacking of linolenic acid is Chinese.

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  How to supplement linolenic acid? Which edible oil has the highest linolenic acid content? The answer is walnut oil! Not only rich in linolenic acid, but also a 4-6:1 golden ratio in line with World Health Organization regulations, is a new nutritional standard edible oil. Walnut oil is the essence of walnuts, while retaining the delicious taste of walnuts, it also brings the nutrition of walnuts. 7 kg of walnuts extract 1 kg of oil, only need a little oil every day, you can meet the daily demand for linolenic acid.

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