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Dried Jujube Fruit Dry Red Dates Jujube

  Chinese red dates can be used as fruit, snack, and Chinese traditional medicine, making soup, bread, cake, candy, compote and jam.


  Nourish blood for women; Maintain beauty and Anti-aging; Anti-cancer; Improve the body's immune system; Prevent liver diseases;Sooth the nerves; Anti-allergy.

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  1.Raw,Like other fruits, red dates can be consumed raw, after cleaning the skin.

  2.Teapot,Red dates can be used in making a cup of tea.

  3.Soup and porridge,Essential ingredients in making soup and porridge

  4.Medicine use,Red dates are beneficial on liver. It nourishes women and strengthens the men and it replenishes blood to a great extent.

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  Packaging Details

  1.Conventional Packaging: 9kg/10kg/11kg/12kg/carton;

  2. Carton packing or mass export required by customers.

  3. OEM/ODM service.

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