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Dried Jujube Natural Dry Red Dates For Sale

Product description :

  Dried Jujube a small, thin skin, tight meat jujube, sweet, taste slightly like fresh jujube, boiled eat eat directly are very appropriate.

  Jujube is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2 and 18 kinds of essential amino acids and nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium, palladium, cadmium, chromium and rare elements.

  Red jujube nourishes blood for women;Stay beautiful, stay young;Cancer;Improve muscle strength and weight;Improve the body's immune function;Prevention of liver disease;Soothe nerves;Allergy.

  Red dates can be eaten by the general population.

  In old people, teenager, female especially appropriate edible.

  Jujube can be used as fruit, snacks, Chinese medicine, can also be used for soup, bread, cake, candy, candied fruit and jam.

  Dried Jujube Fruit Dry Red Dates Jujube.jpg


  Small package:50g,500g,1kg,3kg etc.

  Bulk package:5-10kg/carton with a transparent poly bag inside.

  You can customize the packing as your requirement.

  our company as a red jujube supplier ,provide Dried Jujube Natural Dry Red Dates ,if you need that pls contact us.

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