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Dry Certified Organic Jujube Red Dates

  We will thoroughly clean, screen, dry and disinfect the red dates to ensure that the red dates you use are safe, reliable, fresh, clean and highly nutritious. Choose full red dates, our packaging is transparent, can bring a more intuitive visual effect experience.

  Chinese Red dates, or jujube, is one of the best popular health foods in China. Dried dates are slightly soft on the outside with a sweet smell and moist inside. People treat them not only as a fruit but also as a health tonic.

  They are brown-red stone oval fruits with thin shiny skin. Red dates can be eaten fresh, raw or infused into the tea to gain their anciently old health-promoting properties.

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  QianGang mainly provides 2 kinds of red jujube, gray jujube (ruoqiang dates) and Jun Jujube (Hotan dates).

  >>The size of Jun jujube is almost the same as an egg. It looks like a pear with a big head and a small head. It has shallow wrinkles on the surface and will sink down if you pinch it gently.

  >>The size of gray jujube is relatively small, generally no more than 4 cm, belongs to the cylindrical, the surface wrinkles and deep, the meat is more compact, sweet taste.

  our company as a Organic Jujube Red Dates Supplier in China ,provide Dry Certified Organic Jujube Red Dates ,if you need that pls contact us.

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