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Food Grade Pure Linseed Seed Oil

  Linseed Seed Oil contains rich alpha linolenic acid and linoleic acid, has been regarded as the health of the brain "plant brain gold".

  Flax lignans are phytonutrients found in unrefined grains, legumes, certain vegetables and seeds. Flax is the richest source of lignans, providing 75 - 800 times more lignans than most other plant sources.

  Lignans have numerous biological properties. They are phytoestrogens, or naturally occurring plant estrogens, that can have a balancing effect on hormones.



1.Cosmetic: as a carrier oil,helps to prevent wrinkles and keep skin moisture,anti-agin

  2.A low-temperature cooking: cooking oil used alone or in combination with daily reconcile cooking, healthier, more delicious. 3.Mixed food: yogurt mixed directly into the flaxseed oil consumption, nutrition new fashion. 4.Flax seed extract powder will improve skin fat content, moisten the skin smooth, soft and flexible, make the skin


  Q1:What's the MOQ?

  The MOQ is 1Kilograms.

  Q2:Which coutries you export your product?

  Mainly our customer in USA, European, Japan, Afica, Australia, ect.

  Q3:How can I get some sample?

  We can provide sample FREE, but the shipping cost is paid by our customers.

  Q4: How to make the payment?

  T/T in advance ,and we can accpet Western Union or paypal

  our company as a Edible Oil Manufacturers in China ,if you need that pls contact us.

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