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Hot selling essential oil organic walnut oil

  Walnut oil is eaten a lot.

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  1. Hot cooking: It can be mixed with other cooking oils in a ratio of 1:4. Do not use large fire. The temperature is controlled in the oil. 2. Cold salad with salad: such as cucumber, big salad, pineapple, fruit salad, etc., directly pour the walnut oil into the dish and stir. The original aroma of walnut is rich, with obvious characteristics and rich nutrition. 3. As a condiment: Add walnut oil to the soup, noodles, stuffing, stir-fried beef, and seasoning. The walnut has unique flavor and more diversified nutrition. 4. As an odorant: directly use walnut oil as an odorant like ketchup, such as eating bread and so on. 5. Add red drinks: If you pour the walnut oil directly into the milk, yogurt, honey and juice, drink it together to make the drink more nutritious. 6. Marinated with walnut oil: It is marinated with walnut oil before cooking, which can add the delicate sense of things, and can also be used to enhance other tastes. 7. Baking with walnut oil: Walnut oil is also suitable for baking bread and desserts. It is far better than butter and can be widely used in any dessert and bread.

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