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How to store walnuts

How to store walnuts ?

  1. First place it in a place that is ventilated and ventilated, do not use a sealed bag, preferably use a cloth bag, sack or other bag with better air permeability.

  2. Secondly, the bag with better ventilation is used to prevent the dryness of the walnut bag from being effectively and quickly dissipating and absorbing moisture and moisture, so as to better maintain the dryness of the walnut and prevent it from regaining moisture. mold.

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  3, The final recommendation is that walnuts should not be peeled off better, with shells for a long time.

  4, Walnuts are the most nutritious to eat raw! Unsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids in walnuts will be damaged after heating, and this is the beneficial component of walnuts, these nutrients for brain development, increase brain cell vitality and puzzle Other aspects have a very important role!

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