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Juglone China

  The Juglone manufacturer, Hebei Qiangang Biotech Co., Ltd., uses pure Chinese herbal plant extracts in its production without adding any additives and other auxiliary materials. Juglone is a pharmaceutical grade organic ingredient. It has hemostatic and antibacterial activity. It is also used to treat eczema, psoriasis and cyanosis. Juglone can also be used as a pH indicator.

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The specific effects of Juglone:

  First, Juglone can fight cancer. Juglone can directly promote the proliferation of tumor cells cultured in vitro, and its anti-tumor effect directly kills tumor cells.

  Second, Juglone induces detoxification enzymes reductase and glutathione transferase in the cecal, duodenum, colon, spleen and stomach, and jejunum tissues, which enhances its activity and prevents chemical-induced intestinal cancer.

  Third, Juglone can be antibacterial, added to cosmetics and toothpaste, used as a fungicide.

  Fourth, Juglone can be used as raw materials for dyes, pigments and perfumes, PH indicators and medical hemostatic agents.

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