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Juglone China

  Juglone has a hemostatic and antibacterial activity and has also been used to treat eczema, cowhide and hair tresses. As a pH indicator. Juglone is a pharmaceutical grade plant extract powder. The raw material of the juglone produced by the juglone manufacturer Hebei Qiangang Biotech Co., Ltd. is 100% certificated walnut.

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  Pharmacological studies of Juglone: 1. Anti-tumor effect. Juglone has obvious anti-cancer activity against fractional-suppressed breast cancer, which makes mitosis of Ehrlich ascites cancer cells abnormal. Juglone can directly inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells cultured in vitro, and its anti-tumor effect directly kills tumor cells. 2. The effect on the enzyme. Jujube has an inducing effect on detoxification enzymes reductase and glutathione transferase in the cecal, duodenum, colon, glandular and jejunal tissues of mice, which enhances its activity and prevents chemical-induced intestinal cancer. 3. Antibacterial effect. Clinical trials have shown that the treatment of periodontitis with pecans has a significant effect. Juglone can also be added to cosmetics and toothpaste as a fungicide. 4. Other effects. Juglone has the effect of accelerating sugar assimilation and lowering blood sugar in rats. Juglone can be used to treat eczema, herpes, constipation, impotence, nocturnal emission, low back pain, lymphatic tuberculosis, and also for the treatment of diabetes, gastritis, anemia, etc.

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