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Manufacture Supply 100% Pure Natural Linseed Seed Oil

100% Pure Natural Linseed Seed Oil Features :

It has a unique nutty aroma, fresh and natural scent, and clear golden color;

Nutritious, rich in omega-3 series unsaturated fatty acids - alpha-linolenic acid;

Low temperature extraction prevents high temperature damage to flaxseed nutrients;

No organic solvent residue, no deodorization, dewaxing and other chemical treatment processes.

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1. Direct oral administration, recommended daily intake: 15-20mL for adults, 5-10mL for children;

2. For mixing cold dishes, salads, or adding linseed oil to cooked porridge and soup to increase nutrition;

3. Reconciliation and consumption: 1:1 blend with peanut oil and sesame oil;

4. It can be mixed with yogurt, cereals and other drinks to eat evenly.;

5. New health foods and premium quality ingredients for enhanced omega-3 foods.

QianGang brand flaxseed oil is extracted from flaxseed by supercritical CO2 low temperature extraction. It is rich in omega-3 series unsaturated fatty acids (α-linolenic acid). Flaxseed oil is for pregnant women, infants and middle-aged people. The best choice for people and the three high populations to take supplemental alpha-linolenic acid.

Joint FAO (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) statement: omega-3 is a mandatory fatty acid in human body, and the average daily recommended intake is not less than 1.0g.

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