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Natural Chinese Dried Organic Goji berry Wolfberry

Organic Goji berry Wolfberry  Introduction:
Wolfberry is rich of polysaccharides(amylose), detaine, zeaxanthine, physalein, Ascorbic acid, Carotene, Riboflavin, Nicotine, Thiamine, Betaine, taurine, all kinds of vitamins and 19 kinds of amino acid, as well as 21 kinds of minerals. And the Wolfberry’s anti-aging, health and immunity boosting benefits have long been recognized.

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1) Goji can reduce cholesterol.
2) Goji is able to anti cancer.
3) Goji can help reduce obesity.
4) Goji support normal kidney function.
5) Goji makes you feel and look younger.
6) Goji maintains healthy blood pressure.
7) Goji can help skin clean and whitening.
8) Goji also support healthy liver function.
9) Goji supports eye health and improves vision.
10) Goji can balance blood pressure and serum sugar.
11) Goji can support eye health and improve your vision.
12) Goji can improves fertility and treats sexual dysfunction.

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