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Pure Natural Black Walnut Oil Price in Bulk

  Walnut oil has the effect of strengthening the body: this is because walnuts can provide sufficient calories. According to statistics, every 100 grams of walnut kernel can provide about 630 kilocalories, which is equivalent to 3-4 times the heat of rice. Therefore, often eating walnuts in winter can also play a role in keeping out the cold.

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  Walnut oil has the effect of moisturizing the skin: Walnut oil is rich in sharks and essential fatty acids with excellent affinity to the skin.

  Safety & Warnings: This is a warming oil and can cause skin irritation. This oil is not recommended for use in baths.

  Advantages & Applications: It is used for beauty and healthy purposes.walnut oil also used for hair, skin care & pharmaceutical industries.Regular consumption of avacado oil helps reduce cholesterol.

  Application of walnut oil provides relief to strained muscles.

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