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Walnut Kernel China

  Since ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine has called walnuts "longevity fruit", "music fruit", "long live the child", and "the treasure of raising people". Walnut kernel is also known as walnut kernel.Invigorate the kidney and strengthen the waist, prolong life. For kidney deficiency, low back pain, male impotence, nocturnal emission, female collapse, and frequent urination. There is also the effect of "black hair, benefit color", which makes people younger. Research data show that the vitamin E contained in walnut kernels has the function of supplying oxygen to the body, enhancing human durability, delaying the aging of cells due to oxidation, maintaining youthful posture and reducing fatigue. The linoleic acid in the vegetable fat contained in walnut kernel is the ideal skin beauty agent for the human body. Eating walnut kernel can nourish the blood and hair, and make the rough skin become moist, delicate, smooth and elastic.

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  Walnut kernel is rich in phospholipids and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, containing 294 mg of phosphorus per 100 grams of dried walnuts. Phosphorus is the main substance that transmits nerve stimulation, while vitamin B1 is called "spiritual vitamin", unsaturated fatty acid. It also strengthens cerebrovascular elasticity and promotes the vitality of nerve cells. Therefore, walnut has a good support and protection for human brain nerves, is an adjuvant for the treatment of neurasthenia, can delay memory loss, and has the power to make up the brain and increase intelligence.

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