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Walnut Meat in bulk wholesale

  Benefits of Walnut Meat

  Most of the fat in walnut belongs to unsaturated fat, which has the effect of preventing arteriosclerosis. Not only that, often eat walnuts can also prevent breast cancer, depression, diabetes, traditional Chinese medicine believes that walnuts taste sweet, warm nature, can tonify the kidney and essence, warm lung and asthma, Runchang Tongbian. It has therapeutic effect on dozens of diseases in internal, external, trauma, gynecology, pediatrics, urology and skin. For example, walnut oil in the treatment of otitis, dermatitis and eczema, the distillate oil of its products has a significant effect on yellow water sores; fried walnut kernel plus sugar in the treatment of urinary calculi has been confirmed by many clinical.

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  Our Advantages

  1.We have our own walnut Garden

  2. Natural organic walnut

  3. Original processing method, without any food additives

  4. Integrated direct selling of orchard factory

  5.You need walnut processing products, walnut kernel, walnut shell, walnut heartwood extraction, we can process for you, because we have machinery companies and laboratories

  our company as a Walnut Meat Factory in China ,provide Walnut Meat in bulk wholesale ,if you need that pls contact us.

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