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Walnut Oil China

  Walnut oil is an edible oil which is made from walnut kernels and is pressed. It is a kind of 100% organic pure natural edible oil. In the international market, walnut oil is known as “Oriental Olive Oil” and is favored by consumers like olive oil.

  The walnut oil produced by the walnut oil manufacturer Hebei Qiangang Biotech Co., Ltd. uses 100% cold pressed technology in the production process, and no plasticizer is produced during the production process. Fresh and pure, nutritious, light taste, fatty acid configuration similar to breast milk, easy to be digested and absorbed, is a high-grade health cooking oil for children during development, female pregnancy and postpartum rehabilitation.

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  The main effects of walnut oil are as follows: 1. Strengthening the body; 2. Moisturizing the skin; 3. Beauty and beauty; 4. Beauty and hair care; 5. Brain and brain; 6. Preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; Endocrine system function; 8. Promote bone growth.

  For children's health, eating more walnut oil helps brain brain puzzle, brain, increase memory, promote brain and nervous system development, promote retinal development, promote calcium absorption, and help bone development.

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