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Walnut Oil of Advantages

 Walnut Oil of Advantages :


  Although high in nutritional value, walnuts are easily oxidized and have a short shelf life. The oxidized walnut not only has a bad taste, but also produces harmful oxides (including aflatoxin, which has a strong carcinogenic effect), which limits its health care function.

  Walnut oil completely removes unfavorable ingredients in walnuts in the extraction process;

  The shelf life of walnut oil is more than 18 months, and it can also be stored for a long time after it is screwed tightly after opening.

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  Eating walnut kernels alone will have a heavy bitter taste and a thick greasy taste, and the taste is not good; most pregnant women want to eat walnuts during pregnancy, but the nausea and occasional vomiting they produce are prohibitive; eating more Easy to cause gastrointestinal upset.

  The fragrance is natural and the taste is light, making the food more delicious and increasing appetite; it is more suitable for baby's delicate stomach absorption.


  The walnut shell is hard and not easy to peel;

  For babies who have just sprung their teeth, walnut kernels are hard and not easy to chew, making it difficult for babies to supplement the natural nutrition of walnuts.

  Natural walnut nutrition can be obtained without peeling walnuts; it can be directly added to the diet and baby's complementary food without heating to ripeness.

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