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Wholesale natural green tea seed oil

  Tea tree oil is made from the leaves of tea tree . The initial tea tree oil is extracted by steam distillation ,and refined processing. Tea tree oil as a natural fragrances, fungicides, preservatives, and is being widely used in daily chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

  Tea tree oil is used in personal care products (hair care, body care, feet liquid, soap, antibacterial hand sanitizer, breath freshening agents and oral care) health supplies (first aid lotion, fungicides, burn care, anti-fungal, mold)can play an anti-inflammatory antibacterial, only quiet, itching

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  Physical cold pressing preserves the natural vitamins and minerals in the seeds.Natural high purity products.


  Grape seed oil is widely used in food, nutritional supplements, food additives, cosmetics and pharmaceutical intermediates.


  Grape seed oil is refined from grape seeds by cold pressing. It is a beautiful and natural light yellow or light green. It is one of the varieties in the base oil.


  It can resist free radicals, resist aging, help absorption, strengthen the elasticity of circulatory system, reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays, protect the collagen in skin, protect the elasticity of blood vessels, and prevent the skin from sagging and wrinkles.

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