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wholesale natural black edible walnut oil

  Walnut oil is the use of walnut as raw material, pressed from the vegetable oil. Belong to edible oil. Walnut oil content as high as 65% to 70%, home all woody oil first, "tree oil depot" reputation.The use of modern technology to extract its essence, which is a new generation of walnut products - walnut oil.

  Walnut oil is to choose high-quality walnut as raw materials, and the use of international leading technology out of natural fruit juice juice. In the international market, walnut oil known as the "Oriental olive oil", with the same olive oil favored by consumers.

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  1. Culinary use: Walnut Oil has a rich, nutty flavor that is perfect for salad dressings, to flavor fish and steaks, to toss with pasta, and to jazz up dessert.

  2. Artistic use: Walnut oil was one of the most important oils used by renaissance painters.Its short drying time and lack of yellow tint make it a good oil paint base thinner.

  3. Use in power generation: Walnut oil is now use in limited amounts as a liquid form of biomass in power generation.Often it is mixed with HFO(heavy fuel oil)for use in larger power stations as a way of reducing environmental impact.

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