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Also known as O-eugenol, 4-allyl-2-methoxy-phenol ,  1-Allyl-3-methoxy-4-hydroxybenzene .
Product Details

Also known as O-eugenol, 4-allyl-2-methoxy-phenol , 1-Allyl-3-methoxy-4-hydroxybenzene . It is a colorless to pale yellow oily liquid at room temperature, flammable, easy to brown and thick in air. Has a strong lilac smell. Insoluble in water, miscible with alcohol, ether, chloroform, volatile oil, soluble in glacial acetic acid and sodium hydroxide solution. Naturally, it is found in clove oil, cinnamon leaf oil, cinnamon oil, camphor oil, nutmeg oil, etc., and can be separated from clove oil or chemically synthesized. Eugenol turns the red litmus blue and reacts with the ferric chloride solution in ethanol to make it blue. Molecular formula C10H12O2 .

The Main Purpose

(1). For medicine: Eugenol can antibacterial and lower blood pressure. Eugenol has a strong bactericidal power and can be used as a local analgesic for dental caries, and has a local antiseptic effect. In addition, eugenol can also be used to make isoniazid, a specific drug for the treatment of tuberculosis.

(2). Used as a fragrance: Eugenol can be used in perfume fragrances as well as in various cosmetic and soap flavor formulations, and can also be used in the formulation of food flavors. Eugenol has a rich scent of carnation, which is the basis for the blending of carnation scent. It is used in the blending of makeup, soap and food. It is a body fragrance that blends with carnation flowers. It is widely used as a fragrance and fragrance, and can be used as a modifier and a deodorant. Can be used in many floral fragrances such as roses. It can also be used in spicy, woody and oriental, aromatherapy, and can also be used in flavors such as spicy, mint, nuts, various fruity, jujube, and tobacco flavors.

(3). Eugenol some other spices intermediates, derivatives have isoeugenol, methyl eugenol, methyl isoeugenol, acetyl Eugenol, acetyl eugenol, benzyl-iso-eugenol, etc., is also synthesized vanillyl The main raw material. When eugenol is heated in potassium hydroxide, the double bond of the propylene group is rearranged to become an α - propenyl group conjugated with the benzene ring , thereby obtaining isoeugenol, acetylation and mild oxidation, α - propylene The base breaks, that is, vanillin, which is an important component of an important artificial flavoring agent.

(4). Eugenol is our regulations allow the use of food flavors, GB 2760 - 96 provides for the consumption of spices used. It is mainly used to formulate flavors such as smoked ham, nuts and spices. The dosage is as required for normal production, and the amount used in meat is 40-2000mg/kg ; in gumdrops 500mg/kg ; in condiments 9.6 ~ 100mg / kg ; baked goods 33mg/kg ; in candy 32mg/kg ; cold drink 3.1mg/kg ; soft drink 1.4mg/kg ; in pudding 0.6mg/kg .

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