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Earthworm Protein

Earthworm Protein

The The earthworm protein was extracted from the dragon, containing  collagenase, fibrinolytic enzyme, worm kinase, fibrinolytic activator protein (  FA Protein), nucleic acids, trace elements and many other components, its  molecular weight in the 5000-10000 , Belonging to short chain small molecular  matter.
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The The earthworm protein was extracted from the dragon, containing collagenase, fibrinolytic enzyme, worm kinase, fibrinolytic activator protein ( FA Protein), nucleic acids, trace elements and many other components, its molecular weight in the 5000-10000 , Belonging to short chain small molecular matter. The earthworm extract, The earthworm through high-tech extraction, so far has successfully developed The earthworm Protein tablets, The earthworm protein soft capsules, fibrinolytic activator protein and other products. At present, has been widely used in clinical, and more and more in the heart, cerebrovascular, endocrine, respiratory system and other diseases of the prevention and treatment center. The earthworm protein on the body of the coagulation system and fibrinolytic system. Has a wide range of effects, not only can significantly reduce the platelet adhesion rate in rats, prolong thrombosis in vivo and dissolve thrombosis in the body, but also increase cerebral blood flow and reduce cerebral vascular resistance. Improve microcirculation and reduce the harm of three high to human body.

2009 Years, the Ministry of Health 2009 Year, paragraph $ We approve the The earthworm protein as a new resource food, and indicate that it must not contain worm kinase.

Nutritional Value

The earthworm is rich in protein, with dry body meter multiple selection The ~ 66% , For soybeans. 1.5 Times, Rice. 6 Times. The The earthworm protein contains a variety of free amino acids, which are the main nutrients of the The earthworm. Its protein is composed of three amino acids, of which the content of leucine and glutamate is the highest, each hundred grams of samples containing 22.161 grams and 6.227 , followed by aspartic acid, valine, lysine, arginine, alanine, glycine, methionine, serine, hydrochloric acid, phenylalanine, proline, histidine and tyrosine, among other words, are aspartate, histidine, alanine, serine, amino acid, methionine. Includes 8 kinds of free amino acids necessary for the human body . Therefore, earthworms are a source of full-price animal protein. The lipid part of The earthworm contains stearic acid, palmitic acid, highly unsaturated fatty acids, fatty acids with straight chain odd carbon and branched fatty acids, phospholipids, sterols, etc. High unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, linolenic acid content is high, with high pharmacological activity, can prevent and control atherosclerosis, is one of the effective components of The earthworm Huoxue blood stasis, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. At the same time, these unsaturated fatty acids also have a certain nutritional effect on the human body.

The The earthworm also contains more nucleotide components such as Xanthine, Xanthine, guanine and urinary pyrimidine, which can provide essential raw materials for human prism metabolism. Among them, the secondary xanthine is also the active ingredient of the The earthworm Buck and asthma. The Dragons are rich in fibrinolytic enzymes, catalase, peroxidase, dismutase,8-D , alkaline phosphatase, lipase, porphyrin synthase, etc., which are beneficial to human body.

The Dragon is rich in trace elements such as strontium, selenium, magnesium, zinc, copper, molybdenum, nickel, cobalt and so on, these elements are essential to ensure human health.

Pharmacological Effects

Improved Microcirculation

There are many components such as collagenase, fibrinolytic enzyme, worm kinase, fibrinolytic activator protein, nucleic acid and trace element in The earthworm Protein, and its molecular weight is 5000-10000 , Belongs to the short chain small molecule material, can smoothly enter the microvascular, dissolves the micro-bolt in the microvascular, lets the hardened microvascular restore the elasticity, thus relieves the microvascular blockage, the distortion deformation condition.

Among them, fibrinolytic enzyme and worm kinase can directly dissolve the main material fibrin forming human thrombosis, so as to play a strong direct thrombolytic effect; fibrinolytic activator protein is activated in the human body. TPA , And then by their own fibrinolytic enzyme, and then into the human body fibrinolytic enzyme, because this way is produced by the person's own fibrinolytic enzyme, so indirectly dissolved thrombosis, it greatly improved its safety.

It can dissolve fresh and old thrombosis, improve the body's own anticoagulant function, can activate the differentiation characteristics of vascular endothelial cells, open the meridians, promote microvascular regeneration, establish the lateral branch circulation, for the lesion area of the heart and brain tissue opened up a new blood pathway, repair necrotic brain nerve cells, cure hemiplegia, so as to achieve the effect of continuous thrombolysis, The prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the rehabilitation of stroke sequelae is of great significance. At the same time, it is helpful to eliminate the aging and tumor occurrence related to microcirculation disorder, improve the physiological function and health condition of the whole body, and improve immunity.

Dissolved Thrombosis

The The earthworm protein is rich in fibrin dissolving enzyme, which activates the fibrin dissolved enzyme element in the thrombosis and converts it into an active fibrin dissolving enzyme, which dissolves the fibrin in the thrombosis and dissolves the fresh thrombosis. The fibrin dissolving enzyme in this product can dissolve the thrombosis directly and dissolve the old thrombosis. Dissolved thrombosis does not affect the coagulation mechanism of the body, and does not cause the side effects of bleeding.

Softening Blood Vessels

The fibrinolytic enzymes and other active substances contained in the activity can dissolve the fibrin mesh on the wall of the atherosclerotic pulse tube, eliminate the pathological products such as the cholesterol plaque attached to it, and promote the vascular endothelial cells DNA Synthesis, promote the repair of vascular wall damage, dilate blood vessels, restore vascular elasticity, make blood smooth, to a certain extent to change and prevent the natural course of arteriosclerosis.

Reduces Blood Adhesion

After taking active The earthworm protein, with the dissolution of thrombosis, the softening of blood vessels and the improvement of microcirculation, the blood viscosity was reduced, the abnormal hemorheology index returned to normal, so that the detection of nail wrinkle microcirculation changed from abnormal to normal, thus eliminating the hidden danger of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

Bidirectional Regulation of Blood Pressure

Active The earthworm protein has a stable antihypertensive effect by restoring blood elasticity, dissolving thrombosis, improving microcirculation and improving the state of tube circumference, reducing peripheral resistance of blood flow and reducing blood viscosity. After taking essential hypertension, the blood pressure can be controlled near normal after normal, severe hypertension or cardio-cerebrovascular complicated with hypertension, after serving this product can enhance the antihypertensive effect of other antihypertensive drugs, reduce its dosage and toxic L side effects, At the same time, this product has a regulating effect on hypotension by improving blood quality and peripheral resistance.

Lowering Blood Sugar

Because of the benign positive source comprehensive effect of active The earthworm protein, it improves various functions of human body, improves the internal environment of the body, promotes the restoration of islet function, and has certain hypoglycemic effect after serving this product.

Fields of Application

In The Area of Thrombotic Diseases

The The earthworm protein has thrombolytic effect, and its active ingredient is the fibrinolytic enzyme produced by the fibrinolytic activating protein relay. This fibrinolytic enzyme inhibits platelet aggregation, anticoagulant, and reduces blood viscosity, thereby preventing thrombosis.

Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Diseases

Experiments show that The earthworm protein can significantly increase the blood flow velocity and blood flow of blood circulation in rats, reduce the percentage of cell accumulation and blood viscosity, and obviously improve the content of total blood protein and red blood cells. Mg++ Content, indicating that some of the chemical constituents of The earthworm protein can indeed have a good control effect on some common cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and other blood fatigue diseases.

Anti-tumor Aspects

When treating gastric cancer with The earthworm Extract, it was found that the extract DNA Has a significant inhibitory effect on the synthesis of tumor-containing mice. A After that, the tumor cells disappeared completely. There have also been many clinical reports over the years about the use of The earthworm protein to treat a wide range of cancer patients and have achieved some efficacy. All this shows that some of the chemical constituents contained in The earthworm Protein have a strong inhibition and differentiation and killing effect on cancerous cells. Or may be due to certain activation factors to relieve cancer patients due to cancer cells secretion of cancerous coagulation factor caused by human blood hypercoagulation, so as to activate blood removal and stasis, swelling and elimination of tumor treatment purposes.

Gynecological Aspects

The uterine shrinkage caused by The earthworm extract is larger than that of pituitary posterior lutein standard solution. In ancient and modern times, there were also soup tire and midwifery with The earthworm. This may be due to the fact that the histamine and purine contained in The earthworm excite the smooth muscle of the uterus and cause the spasmodic contraction of the uterus.

Development research

The There have been many reports on the The earthworm research and much progress has been made in the research work, but there are still many unknown factors that still need to be further studied, especially the role of The earthworm in the effective components and mechanism of action, reproductive health, family planning and cardio-cerebrovascular diseases in removing the tumor. China's The earthworm resources are extremely rich, but at present collected and farmed in the The earthworm, only around the 5% is used as medicinal, while the rest of the use of export and animal feed, so strengthen the medicinal and nutritional health care of the dragon and other aspects of the application of research has a great potential and prospects for development.

Thrombotic diseases are a serious threat to human life and health, especially cardio-cerebrovascular thromboembolism, the mortality rate has leapt to the top. Vascular embolization diseases such as cerebral thrombosis, thrombotic occlusive vasculitis and coronary heart disease are some of the most harmful diseases to human health. Although there are many drugs currently used to treat these diseases, thrombolytic therapy is one of the most effective methods for the treatment of thrombotic diseases due to their respective side effects, which limit their application to a certain extent. The enzyme with dissolved thrombosis was extracted from the The earthworm tissue,, the source of raw materials was convenient and economical. Therefore, the development and development of new thrombolytic drugs has become an urgent task.

With the further development and utilization of The earthworm, the very small number of fibrinolytic activator protein was found, it can not directly dissolve thrombosis, but may promote the human blood vessel inner wall cells to produce TPA To activate fibrinolytic enzymes into fibrinolytic enzymes, thereby safely dissolving thrombosis.

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