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Tremella Polysaccharides

Tremella Polysaccharides

It is a kind of immune enhancer for basidiomycetes polysaccharide, which can  improve the immune function and promote white blood cells.

Product Details

Pharmacological Action

It is a kind of immune enhancer for basidiomycetes polysaccharide, which can improve the immune function and promote white blood cells. It can significantly improve the phagocytic function of reticular endothelial cells, promote nonspecific immunity, and increase the level of immunoglobulin and serum total complement. Preventable and treatable by radiation and antitumor drugs(Such asCTX)The bone marrow suppression induced by the invention can also promote the synthesis of the protein in the liver.


1.Radiotherapy, leukopenia caused by chemotherapy.

2.chronic bronchitis.

Evaluation of curative effect:Leukopenia caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy can improve the immune function of patients. The effective rate in the treatment of chronic bronchitis is as high as that in the treatment of chronic bronchitis.80%Above.

Use & Present Situation

The tremella polysaccharide is a basidiomycete polysaccharide immunopotentiator, and has the functions of improving the immune function of the organism and promoting the white blood cell. The experimental study shows that the polysaccharides of Tremella can obviously improve the phagocytic function of the mouse reticuloendothelial cells, and can be used for preventing and treating the white blood cell of the rat caused by the cyclophosphamide. Can be used for treating leukopenia caused by tumor chemotherapy or radiotherapy and leukopenia caused by other reasons. in addition, it can be used for treating chronic bronchitis, and its effective rate80%above。


The immune function of the tremella polysaccharide is mainly concentrated in two aspects, namely, aiming at the non-immune system, promoting the growth of the gastrointestinal tract beneficial microorganisms, regulating the formation of the ideal microbial flora of the intestinal tract, enhancing the resistance of the animal to the exogenous pathogenic bacteria, and secondly, aiming at the immune defense system, Improve that immunity of the body fluid, enhance the phagocytic capacity of the phagocyte, improve the activity and the function of the lymphocyte, promote the growth of the cytokine, and protect the red cell membrane from oxidative damage. So as to improve the immunity of the animal body and enhance the resistance of the animal body to the disease. in addition to enhance that immunity of the organism, the tremella polysaccharide can promote the synthesis of protein and nucleic acid, increase the self-repair capacity, maintain the function of each organ tissue, in particular the liver,。

Physiological Function

1. To Improve The Ability of Immunomodulation

It can activate the phagocytosis of mouse abdominal macrophages and the formation of specific antibody, and can increase the amount of phagocytosis and specific antibody in peripheral blood.TLymphocytes andBThe number of lymphocytes can promote the titer ratio of induced interferon, which is higher than that of the conventional group.10-20Times (P﹤0.01),Delaying thymic atrophy can antagonize cellular and humoral immunity induced by immunosuppressive cyclophosphamide.

2. Assist In Inhibiting Tumor Effect

It can increase the content of phospholipid adenosine in tumor cells, thus affecting its metabolism of nucleic acid and protein, and changing the splitting characteristics of tumor cells and transforming them in normal direction.

3. Delaying Aging

It can significantly decrease the content of adipofusin in myocardial tissue of mice. The content of adipofusin in Drosophila melanogaster can be reduced.24%.28%, can increase the content of brain and liver tissue in mice.SODVigor

4. Regulate Blood Sugar

for hyperglycemia-induced hyperglycemic mice, intraperitoneal injection,300mg/kg,72After the hour, the blood sugar obviously decreased, and the pancreatic islet cells of the mice were protected.

5. Regulating Blood Fat, And Preventing Thrombosis

And the cholesterol level in the serum of the hypertensive rats can be obviously reduced. At the same time, through the rabbit experiment, the formation time of the specific thrombus and the fibrin thrombus can be obviously prolonged, the thrombus length is shortened, the thrombus weight is reduced, the platelet adhesion rate and the blood viscosity are reduced, the content of the plasma fibrinogen is reduced, and the activity of the fiber dissolving enzyme is enhanced.

6. Anti-radiation

WithCo60The number of nuclear cells in the bone marrow is more than that of the control group that does not give the tremella polysaccharide.186%。

7. And To Protect The Gastric Mucosa

It has obvious inhibitory effect on emergency gastric ulcer. Oral administration can reduce the area of ulcer and promote the healing of acetic acid gastric ulcer.

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